Below are previous recipients of TGA Grants. If you would like to be considered for a grant, please download and complete a TGA Grant Application.
The TGA grants are, at this time, only available to students and schools in Windsor/Essex, Ontario.
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Walkerville Collegiate Institute    

Walkerville’s Gay-Straight Alliance would like to decrease the amount of discrimination and hatred toward the LGBT community by dedicating a school week to educating the school about misconceptions, insensitive words, LGBT vocabulary and facts – Pride Week. Funding from Teachers for Global Awareness will assist in purchasing supplies to make buttons and create tie-dye t-shirts that the students will win or buy during Pride Week to show their support for the LGBT community.

Riverside Secondary School

Riverside Secondary School's Gay-Straight Alliance would like to increase the availability of LGBT resources in the school library. Funding from Teachers for Global Awareness will assist in purchasing fiction and non-fiction texts as well as films teachers could use to assist them in educating their classes on LGBT issues.  These resources will help the Riverside GSA further their mandate to raise awareness of the LBGT community while educating people about the effects of homophobia and harassment.

Hon. W. C. Kennedy Collegiate Institute

Kennedy’s Gay-Straight Alliance would like to encourage the student body to show their visible support for victims of homophobic bullying and for LGBT rights by holding a tie-dye day event. Students will participate in creating rainbow-hued tie-dye shirts on a selected day, and then wear those shirts on a future day in show of solidarity for victims of bullying and homophobia and to show that they support a safe school space for everyone, regardless of gender or sexual orientation. Funding from Teachers for Global Awareness will assist in purchasing supplies for creating tie-dye shirts.

Catholic Central High School

A group of 10-15 student volunteers will expand and plant a community garden at Prince Edward Elementary School. This will provide students from both schools the chance to organize, plan and nurture a green space for relaxation and educational purposes thereby creating understanding and respect among young people from different schools and beautifying the surrounding neighbourhood, building community, and learning about the environment. This project is being supported by the United Way of Windsor-Essex; funding from Teachers for Global Awareness will be used to provide student volunteers with a lunch on the day of the planting.

Forster Secondary School

Forster’s Gay Straight-Alliance along with Drama in Education and Community Students from the University of Windsor will perform a play which depicts issues affecting youth today. The play will be student devised and based off of the personal experiences of youth. It will help raise awareness in the school and community regarding issues such as homelessness, bullying and discovering identity. All proceeds from the play will be donated to the Windsor Youth Centre and Windsor-Essex County Humane Society. Funding from Teachers for Global Awareness will be used for posters, food for the members as well as prop and costume items.

W.F. Herman Secondary School

Students at Herman Secondary School will participate in the Make Kony Famous 2012 campaign. The Kony 2012 movement is targeting 20 culture makers and 12 policy makers. The group will be organizing a Social Justice Awareness Day to enlighten senior level students about the issues and controversies surrounding the Make Kony Famous 2012  campaign. Following this, any students will be encouraged to write letters regarding KONY and send them off to policymakers. Funding from Teachers for Global Awareness will be used for postage and to buy t-shirts that will be designed by one of our students and used to raise awareness. The idea is that for each petition signed or letter written, names will go into a draw for the t-shirts.