I have attended the Social Justice Forum for the past few years, both as a Teacher Sponsor and a workshop leader and I always have an inspiring time. It is an enlightening and stimulating conference that provides the youth with an opportunity to think and act outside of the box.

As a Teacher Sponsor, I have often travelled from workshop to workshop, always noticing young people being challenged and encouraged to become the change they wish to see in their schools, communities, and society. They are presented with social issues of importance. The concepts explored in the workshops are innovative and stimulating. Keynote speakers have consistently delivered thought-provoking presentations, engaging the young audience. Another aspect I enjoy about the conference is that students have the opportunity to network with students from other schools and discuss future projects for their school communities. I have watched them come up with their projects, and they do so in a creative, socially aware, and responsible manner. Together, they utilise healthy problem-solving skills and create innovative solutions. The Social Justice Forum is necessary and I hope it continues for years and years to come. Our society at large benefits from this event. 

Shantelle Browning-Morgan